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wix development

bring your ideas to life with Wix

With this brilliantly designed, all-inclusive, web building power house of a platform you can design, streamline and grow your online presence.


Mobile Ready

You can personalize your site even more by checking it out on a mobile device with the Wix Mobile Editor. You can add an exclusive welcome screen, choose from well designed layouts and make use of built-in features to enhance your site on mobile while also managing your site or interacting with your visitors on the go through the Wix Owner app.


Optimize for search engines

Aside from having total design control, by choosing to build on Wix you can get a customised SEO strategy that will spell out the necessary efforts to be made to bump up your website’s rank and enhance its visibility. All you need to do is take a survey about your website, location and keywords to get a personalized SEO plan that will help users find your business online with ease.


SEO Tools

You can rely on Wix’s infrastructure to create a solid base for search rankings and it also applies to when you decide to go social. This includes server-side rendering, making your site more crawlable, custom URLs, converting media to WebP for faster loading times and the freedom to use default tags or modify them. There's also structured data markup and mouse-overs. Wix can create and maintain your XML sitemap, which will make sure that all the site's information and its relationships are up to date. You can also create your own SEO plan for quick, easy deployment across multiple pages instead of editing them individually with time-saving features like bulk 301 redirects and instant Google indexing and more.


Total Design Freedom

No matter what type of website you want to develop, Wix’s got a wide range of tools and services to help you meet your goals. Designing and building a website has never been easier and more affordable. You can design and build your own high-quality websites without any technical skills or coding knowledge required. Whether you plan to promote your business, showcase your work extensively, open a store online or start a blog—with Wix you can maintain the brand identity your customers recognize and love, and make sure those elements are carried over onto your

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